Kot Kot "кунь" C40

Somewhere in Karelia fairies found a tape of music. A little magic won't hurt anyone, but things may get weird.
Limited to 50 copies.

German Army "Social Catalyst" C30

In the desert the sun has no pity. Everything melts. The asphalt. The sounds. Your head.
Limited to 50 copies.

Kheta Hotem “Live at Yläkaupungin yö 2011” C60

The shamans have gathered again to perform their ritual, which includes throat singing, free jazz saxes, tribal percussion and other hypnotic sounds. Limited to 50 copies.

Kösmonaut “Emanations” C60

Synth arpeggios and pulsating drum-machines, a soundtrack for intergalactic travels. Soft poly cases with hand-stamped inserts. Limited to 50 copies.

Lafidki / Orphan | Oliver split LP

Lafidki's side is experimental electronica that you can dance to, while Orphan | Oliver's side features some eerie drone pop tunes. Co-released with Dumpster Diving Lab, Heia Sun, Neh-Owh Records and Steak Au Zoo. One free record of your choice comes with this LP! (tape or CD from Jozik releases or distro)

Brian Green "112011" C30

Brian Green is a sound artist living in South Carolina, USA. For this half an hour long tape Brian recorded various instruments in an improv session and then processed them further on a computer. The result is a distant sounding ambient collage of acoustic instruments, tape hiss, bowed drones and keyboard sounds, all drowning in reverb. Poly boxes with artwork by Sasha Kretova. Limited to 60 copies.

Tulasi / Caligine split C40

Tulasi is a Finnish duo, who are also known for their solo projects Kulkija and Kutomo as well as being involved in various free folk collectives. Their side consists of meditative drone-folk tracks, organ sounds and flute melodies creating tranquil spheres, at times more free-flowing, sometimes rhythmic. The other side of the tape is Caligine, a psych-folk project from Italy continuing the dronefolk theme, but in a slightly different manner. Starting with electric guitar feedback noise, the massive track turns into a beautiful and melodic acoustic guitar piece. Poly boxes with artwork by Anya Kuts. Limited to 75 copies.